Acts of kindness

AS A DISABLED MAN in NYC, the smallest acts of kindness go a long way to make my life easier. Whether it’s someone giving up their seat for me on a crowded subway, or simply picking up my cane if I drop it on the icy ground, it’s the small things that count the most; it’s those moments of kindness that can make my day.

Paula noticed my backpack was opened, so she stopped me and zipped it up.

On a Saturday morning, the subway was packed because of the Women’s March. Jordan kindly gave up his seat for me. Jordan is a dope visual artist. You can find Jordan’s work on IG @lykwyz.

Abdul, a security guard at a Manhattan department store, picked up and handed me my cane after I had dropped it. We chopped it up for a half hour or so. A friendly, hard-working Nigerian immigrant, he gave me some good life advice about patience.

Maria gave up her seat for me on the L train. She was with her nephew. We had a good conversation about a book he was reading for school.

While walking away from where I had been hanging out, this couple ran up to me with my phone, which I had left on a banister. They returned it to me and wished me a good day.

My neighbor, Abraham, noticed I was struggling to get my bicycle up the stairs to my house, so he ran over and helped me carry it into my home. He works as an EMT in Manhattan.

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