Delirium and solidarity at the 2018 NYC Women’s March (against Trump)

IN CASE YOU’VE FORGOTTEN, demonstrators at 2018’s Women’s March reminded us all that Trump’s inauguration catalyzed last year’s massive marches across the country.


The powerful response of last year’s march portended just how deep the shit we’ve gotten ourselves into was. And now, a year later–through constant Russian-collusion coverage, to what may be the eve of a nuclear war with North Korea–staying politically conscious in the Trump era has been disorientating–like some frightening dissociative psychedelic that came on way stronger and quicker than anticipated. The only thing left is ride it out and prey that those who voted him in didn’t doom us all to hell.


The marches were unapologetically divisive for Trump supporters. That’s for sure. But the march also expressed a plight hundreds of years in the making. It was a peaceful demonstration showing the world women are not to be fucked with.








“It’s hard for members of the disabled community to get out and protest,” said April, a disabled teacher working in NYC. Having suffered a spinal injury at the age of six, she expressed a personal responsibility toward women facing similar challenges. “I felt like I had to be out here today, not only for me, but for everybody.”


Photos by Nolan Trowe

Nolan Ryan Trowe is a photographer based in New York City. He can be contacted at
Bruce Graves is a writer and web developer based in Los Angeles. He can be contacted at

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