Blood, sweat and piss on the streets of NYC

On November 7th, 2017, the NYC marathon made its way through Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This is what it looked like.

This is the corner of Hewes and Bedford in Williamsburg, a primarily Jewish neighborhood.


Achilles guides help people finish the race. Achilles is a non-profit, based in NYC, whose main goal is for its able-bodied volunteers to help disabled runners finish races.


Some children observe the runners from the convenience of their balcony.


A woman films the runners.


Don’t stray too far.


Pushing the entire marathon in a wheelchair is a great human achievement. If you’ve never been in a wheel chair, I challenge you to make it two city blocks. This guy is a fucking champion, but even saying that is an understatement.


More children view the race.


She looks exhausted, but she keeps pushing through. Long distance races are a mental battle, more than anything else.


No time to wait for a bathroom to open up? Take a leak on the side. Congratulations.



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