“The Panopticon is a royal menagerie: the animal is replaced by man, individual distribution by specific grouping, and the king by the machinery of a furtive power.” –Michel Foucault

Menagerie showcases Entropic’s most powerful photos and designs. Think of it as a zoo of captive human aesthetics in a post-privacy world. But also a portfolio that has mom proud. “That’s my baby!”

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Photo by Cheney Orr
Photo by Cheney Orr
Photo by Cheney Orr
Photo by Cheney Orr
Photo by Cheney Orr
17 years after 9/11, by Nolan Ryan Trowe
The Public Sphere, design by Alyssa Monet
Boardslide, by Nolan Ryan Trowe
Skater-cop dichotomy, by Nolan Ryan Trowe
Somewhere South of San Francisco, by Bruce Graves
Cannabis Merchant, Hippie Hill, 4/20/18, by Bruce Graves
3 Card Monte at Hippie Hill, 4/20/18, by Bruce Graves
Outside Walmart on Black Friday, 2017, by Bruce Graves
Jesus, by Alyssa Monet
Avenida da Liberdade, by Alyssa Monet
Padrão dos Descobrimentos, by Alyssa Monet
Brownsville King, by Nolan Ryan Trowe
NYC crowd in the rain, by Nolan Ryan Trowe
Retro, by Alyssa Monet
Cophead, Alyssa Monet
Men play serious, San Francisco, Dec. 2017, by Bruce Graves
Focus, San Francisco, Dec. 2017, Shot by Bruce Graves
Art by Alyssa Spelios Hudson